Ready To Work

getting started


First of all, congratulations on being here and taking action to Reclaim, Rebuild and Renew your good health and quality of life. In other words, give yourself some credit for crossing the starting line.

We will provide you with the insights, information, motivation, and support that you will need at various times along the way. We earn our results each and every day, so to help you do so, we will deliver this roadmap to you in a clear, concise, pragmatic and actionable manner.

stack the odds in your favor

Yes, it is up to you to do the work, but it is up to us to stack the odds in your favor. Take your time and move at a pace that will be sustainable. You are not expected to master the XY Wellness way in a few days, but instead over time as we work together to boost your body's innate ability to ward of illness, to regain good health, and to thrive.

Yes, prostate cancer is a lifelong condition that requires your lifelong commitment to manage and overcome. We will help you just as we do throughout our community of men pursuing the same goal as you.

you are in charge

We will take you through each element of the program, but not today. You will be able to dive into the science underpinning every recommendation or you may opt to simply trust the program and follow its directives. It is up to you. You and only you are in charge here and will determine the amount of benefit that you will extract from the work that we do together.


As a first step, let's get a sense of from where you are starting. In Dr. Geo's integrative urology practice, he finds it useful to parse or categorize his patients based on the following characteristics:

So, which best describes you? The reason that this is important is that in addition to the diet, exercise, and other behavioral elements to the program, we will also recommend nutritional support based on which tier best describes you.

exactly the support you need

Why? Because even the most finely tuned diet will not in a sustainable way on its own deliver the daily therapeutic dosage of key nutrients that need to boost our immune system function and lower general inflammation.

Which nutrients are right for you? To keep it simple, particularly for men who do not have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Geo, we have constructed three regimens for nutritional support, each named for the Tier that is recommended for. Yes, we are clever that way.


We are here to complement, not substitute, what medical procedure your urologist or specialists recommend for you. We aim to provide an Integrative Wellness Regimen that can serve as a roadmap to reclaiming, rebuilding, and renewing your good health and quality of life. This regimen consists of equally important elements that together yield a synergistic result far greater than the sum of its parts. All elements need to be adhered to if optimal results are to be achieved. These elements are:

choose your sequence

From here, with nutraceutical support in hand or on its way to you, we will take you through the other elements. You choose the sequence, but perhaps starting with Diet is worth considering since it will explain how what we ingest either taxes or boosts our body's innate ability to fight illness, and how once again the Nutraceutical Support builds on this cancer savvy diet to further the benefits.

Thereafter, perhaps you should consider exploring the benefits of exercise on healthy cellular growth, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and so on. You will learn how a smart mix of cardio and resistance work will yield great outcomes for you and your immune system.

From there, explore the other elements in any sequence that appeals to you. For a good number of men, Sexual Health Support may be of particular interest, particularly in light of the common “side effects” of any invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer.

So, shall we get to work here? Let's do this …