getting started

our integrative roadmap

As our community of men will attest to, our XY Wellness journey is life-long, and includes four major psychological and physiological milestones:



Disorientation and Loss of Control

It is critical for us all to understand the mental state of the newly diagnosed. When we are diagnosed with prostate cancer, the immediate psychological effect is a sense of loss of both health and control. We experience disorientation and a heightened fear of an unknown future that may include death. We lack answers for ourselves and for those for which we seek to “be strong”.


Return to Equilibrium

Regain Control

Our first objective is to help men regain a sense of equilibrium, to provide a path to regaining control over your emotions and to create a “game plan” to better understand your condition and to then go about addressing it in a manner that will allow you to regain control and reclaim your future. We begin by helping you to develop the knowledge, skills and habits that will allow for improve prognosis and quality of life.


Chart the Future

Define the New You

Armed with a new sense of control, with new knowledge, skills and habits, you will be in a position to set new and progressively challenging goals for your overall wellness and quality of life. You will set your own goals and commit to doing the necessary work to achieve them. In return, XY Wellness will provide you with reinforcement and ongoing trusted support. Achieving and then maintaining health and quality of life is a lifelong process, and one in which you can go as far as you aspire to go.


Achieve the Ultimate


To us, the ultimate achievement in the path to well being is to now be able to give back to those just starting their journey, to help men fare better as they seek to achieve the sense of wellness and quality of life now experienced by you. This is sign that you have achieved a transformation from newly diagnosed and a confident mentor able to provide insights to men just starting their own journey.