A Memo from David

Three items for you today:


Sexual Health and XYVGGR:


Our new formula is selling briskly despite it only being available for a couple of months now.


As a reminder, this is a daily supplement that builds efficacy over time, and although it can be used in combination with one, is not an event-driven pharmaceutical. In addition, let’s all be cognizant of offsetting or undermining behaviors that will interfere with your optimal sexual health and function.


Yes, this includes alcohol consumption! We are not in our twenties anymore, so let’s not make it more difficult for our body to perform sexually. How about be “sober sex curious” for the next few months and see what you learn about your optimized sexual function? After all, you can always have a glass of wine afterwards.


Take three capsules of XYVGGR nightly, and after a few weeks, I suspect you and your partner will be pleased.


Note: If you are currently undergoing ADT, do not take XYVGGR. Our new formula addresses libido levels by helping to naturally boost testosterone levels while it supports improved circulation and general sexual health.


XYVGGR is available under both the XY Wellness and Mr. Happy brandings at the same price of $69 for a bottle containing a monthly supply of 90 capsules. Some men may elect to take a fourth capsule daily, but for most of us, three is all that is needed.


Personally, I prefer the Mr. Happy packaging of this product. It is so distinctive that I encourage you to check it out. Yes, it is just aesthetics, but you will see what I mean if you select this version.


Please never forget that your sexual health is a key contributor to your quality life, so why not invest some time and effort into nurturing and boosting your body’s innate abilities at every age?



Loneliness, Mental Health, and General Wellbeing:


This is also an important topic, so I encourage you to tend to it. If you have not yet read this opinion and motivational piece, why not do so now? It offers suggestions on how best to navigate our modern world and embrace everything it has to offer: He’s the Strong, Noisy Type.


Your general wellbeing is what our Integrative Roadmap is designed to deliver. The more Elements of Wellness that you elect to incorporate into your life and daily routine, the more likely you are to trigger the virtuous cycle that allows each of us to thrive.



Let’s Outsmart This Disease:


Dr. Geo and I offer a 360-degree perspective on living with and overcoming prostate cancer. I want to share a bit of our perspective with you, and to encourage you to master (and also share) it:




This is it for today. I hope you are well. Knowing that we earn our results daily, would you please "stay the course" and let us know how we can help you succeed? This is our mission; you are our focus.


All the Best,



CEO & Co-founder