Welcome to XY Wellness: Let's Get to Work

Prostate cancer is a life-threatening, lifelong condition. Overcoming it requires a lifelong commitment—a commitment to your life, to your health, and to the behavioral changes you are going to have to make to beat this disease. There is no short cut. No magic pill. Improving your health and quality of life takes work.


If you are willing and able, we are here to guide you on your journey to reclaim, rebuild, and renew your health, quality of life, and future.


XY Wellness is here to complement, not replace, your urologist or oncologist. We are not offering “alternative” medicine—we are offering “precision” support in the form of a common sense, whole-patient, integrative health program designed to better inform and empower you.


Our integrative program consists of equally important elements that together yield a multiplier effect. Since the combined result is greater than the sum of its parts, you cannot “cherry pick” the elements with which you will comply. Instead, if your goal is to achieve your optimal result, we encourage you to adhere to all elements:

  • Diet
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Sexual Health


Once again, these elements are interconnected and interdependent. All are designed to boost your body’s innate ability to combat illness, and all are designed to improve the quality of your life and your future. Remember that when dealing with a life-threatening condition—seeking anything less than your optimal result is unacceptable to you, to your loved ones, and to us.


We will offer you knowledge and perspective along with practical, directive recommendations since without informed action there are no results. We’ll teach you the what, why, and how. We’ll help you to develop the skills and tools you will need to thrive. We’ll provide you with support and encouragement to help guide you to success.


We will even make it enjoyable. Not easy, but enjoyable—especially when you start seeing the results that your commitment and efforts are generating. Your post-diagnosis journey is a lifelong one. And it starts today. 


Welcome to XY Wellness. Now let’s get to work!