Let's Turn Back Our Biological Clock

Although aging is inevitable, the pace of degeneration is somewhat flexible.


According to an insightful book that I highly recommend called Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley et al., this flexibility is because we are biologically programmed, through millions of years of evolution, to keep moving and growing in times of health and abundance, and to conserve and slow down in preparation for famine and death.


In other words, failing to build muscle and cardio endurance sends a signal to your body that it’s time to start degenerating, to start dying. So, if you want to stay alive, you have to keep moving. Even as you age, both cardio and resistance exercise will help to reverse the process of degeneration by triggering signals in our body to regenerate, to grow, and to thrive.


Remember that as a prostate cancer patient, you aren’t just aging, but you are also fighting a degenerative disease. Regular exercise, however, will build up your body and aid you in your battle against prostate cancer. In other words, you have a choice of what signals you send your body today: to regenerate or to degenerate.


Exercise fights cancer in several different ways:

  • It boosts your immune system by increasing your body’s population of key immune cells—including lymphocytes, interleukin, neutrophils, and T-cells.
  • It promotes insulin sufficiency and helps to metabolize sugar more efficiently. Sugar feeds cancer—you don’t want it hanging around in your body.
  • It moves waste products through your intestines more quickly and reduces intestinal exposure to carcinogens.


Research shows that leaner men have lower rates of prostate cancer, less aggressive types of prostate cancer when they are diagnosed with it, and fewer carcinogens lurking in their fatty tissue. A combination of smart dietary choices and regular exercise is the best way to stay lean. 


At XY Wellness, our position is that daily exercise isn’t just about keeping your body fit, toned, and young. While these are obvious perks of a regular workout routine, our real goal is to stop the process of degeneration, and to instead regenerate, rebuild, and repair your body from the inside out.


Stated differently, aging is natural and unavoidable, but if you are willing and able, the pace of degeneration can be slowed and effects reversed. Smart dietary choices, and frequent exercise are critical to living a more youthful, vibrant life. In addition, savvy supplementation choices will accelerate your progress in turning back your clock, and will boost your ability to live a fully engaged life that embraces all that being a man has to offer.


In closing, life is about choices. The choices we make, both small and large alike, determine the direction and quality of our lives. We encourage you to choose to take full advantage of the daily opportunity you have to rebuild, reclaim, and renew. We are here to help you, so please let us know how we can.


All the Best,






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