Product-related Updates

For you today, a few quick but important updates:



Are GDtoxSel and ImmunoPCTN meant to be taken together?


These two complementary products are so essential to good health and well-being that they are included in every packet in each of our condition-specific, all-in-one Regimen Kits, and are also made available in a la carte bottles.  


Dr. Geo formulated GDtoxSel to be a synergistic blend of reduced glutathione, high selenized yeast (selenium), alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle, activated Broccoraphanin (broccoli extract), vitamin C, vitamin E (mixed tocopherol), schisandra chinensis and zinc. This particular combination of nutrients is designed to support liver function, neutralize excessive free radicals and reduce the environmental toxic load by supporting Phase 1 / Phase 2 detoxification.


Likewise, he formulated ImmunoPCTN to be a synergistic blend of Reishi mushroom, green tea extract, Curcumin C3 Complex, grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, magnolia bark extract, Andrographis leaf, and Boswellia serrata extract. This particular combination of nutrients is designed to support healthy immune system function, and to support healthy cellular growth and proliferation.



How do I know which Regimen Kit is right for me?


  • Regimen 1: Active Surveillance: If you are under active surveillance after a prostate cancer diagnosis, but your prostate is intact. You may be receiving focal ablation for prostate cancer, but you are not diagnosed with high prostate cancer risk. 


  • Regimen 2: Post-procedure: If you are post-treatment after a prostate cancer diagnosis, and your prostate is not intact. You may have been surgically treated, or treated with radiation therapy. You live with some risk of prostate cancer recurrence.
  • Regimen 3: ADT: If you are undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), perhaps due to recurrence or high grade prostate cancer. 



How is the transition to our new product family going?


We are on pace to complete the upgrade to our streamlined product family by year end. As we promised, we will ease your transition by making both Advanced Prostate Support and Advanced ADT Support available into early next year for those of you the prefer a more leisurely pace.


The end result of the transition will be:



Closing thoughts?


As we approach yet another anniversary in January of our founding in 2010, we are heavily investing in our ability to better serve men like you with new products, new educational materials, and upgraded websites. We are committed to supporting you in your journey to reclaim, rebuild and renew your good health and quality of life. As always, please keep up the good work knowing that you are earning your results each and every day.


All the Best,