Four-Part Series on the Power of Condition-Specific Supplementation

Today is the first of a four-part series on the efficacy of high-quality, highly-target nutraceuticals, and how this manifests itself in the three new, condition-specific Regimen Kits now available through XY Wellness.


We are really proud of the remarkable results we are contributing for men like you who are overcoming the implications of prostate cancer, and as you will see at the conclusion of this four-part series, our commitment to you and your good health informs everything that we do here.


Let’s start with a baseline or context about the power of well-designed, high-quality nutraceuticals.


Why Dietary Supplements Matter and Which Ones are Right for You


After over twenty years of practicing nutritional and lifestyle medicine, I can confidently say that the right, well-manufactured dietary supplements are essential for optimal health and longevity. Yes, diet is important, of course, but the inconvenient truth is that you can't get everything from food. It is simply not possible. So even if we'd eat as healthy as possible, our food supply is depleted in nutrients, and many times a therapeutic dose of a nutrient would require an impractical amount of food. Also, who's practicing a perfect diet? From my clinical experience, no one is, which is why consuming the proper nutraceuticals is so essential.  


If we break down a dietary supplement, it will go like this; a non-food substance, mostly in pill, powder, or liquid form, that provides key nutrients and substances to keep us healthy with optimal functionality. Dietary supplements contain three main types: minerals, vitamins, and herbs. Vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal health and to protect us from disease. Medicinal herbs have therapeutic properties directly from nature to help us fight many illnesses. Think about it. Modern medicine with the use of pharmaceutical drugs has been around for only about 150 years. We have used medicinal herbs and potions for thousands of years as primary therapeutic agents. 


How do dietary supplements work in prostate cancer?


Your goal with prostate cancer is to create a hostile microenvironment for cancer cells so that "no self-respecting cancerous cell would want to stay in your body," as my friend and colleague Dr. Ronald Hoffman would say. The right nutraceutical combination synergizes with exercise, diet, and exercise to reduce chronic inflammation, strengthen immunity and protect against oxidative stress, creating an unfavorable cancer environment in the body.


What Nutraceuticals Work Best for Prostate Cancer?


For over a decade, I have focused on developing targeted formulations for men with prostate cancer to eliminate the guesswork. Life is complicated and living with a potentially life-threatening condition doesn't make it easier. The internet is filled with bogus, unscientific information on what to take for every ailment, which makes things even more confusing. The XY Wellness nutraceuticals have proven to be effective in dropping PSA and keeping men well from prostate cancer. 


Our carefully designed supplements have also helped many men with urinary problems and overall prostate health and lowered the risk of prostate cancer in men who have not yet been diagnosed. Our members on ADT for prostate cancer have the most comprehensive mixture of nutraceuticals to reduce unwanted side effects from hormone therapy while keeping them well against malignant cells. And, to improve convenience and a "no-excuse" scenario, our specialized dietary supplements come in packets to avoid the burden of opening too many bottles at once, leading to poor compliance. The XY Wellness Regimen Kits make it easy to keep yourself well as your body fights for you with one simple AM and PM packet of focused dietary supplements.


That’s it for Part One. Please continue with Parts Two through Four to fully understand each Regimen kit:



Be Healthy,

Dr. Geo, Co-founder & Medical Director