Dietary Complements Triggering a Virtuous Cycle?

Arguably, some form of a vicious cycle contributed to each of our diagnoses of prostate cancer. 

When I look back at my work life, coupled with a challenging commute to/from Silicon Valley and my home in Marin County, I have to acknowledge how I was unintentionally taxing my body and immune system, and by doing so, increasing the risk of aberrant cells securing a foothold even at my relatively young age of 43. 

At XY Wellness, we provide an Integrative Roadmap designed to trigger a virtuous cycle in your body and life. Yes, the very opposite of a vicious one. 

The more elements you adopt and consistently follow, the greater the benefits you will reap. Our condition-specific nutraceuticals are a critical element, but no more so than the other lifestyle-based ones we encourage. So, please adopt as much as you can, and be diligent but not militant. We are here to support your ongoing success in achieving this Holy Grail of a virtuous cycle.

Did you notice my use of the word “nutraceuticals”? There is a good reason. The term “dietary supplement” is a misfit for what we offer. Yes, we supplement to therapeutic levels what is available to you via a cancer-savvy diet, but we also introduce nutrients and compounds not available via diet alone. In other words, our condition-specific products both complement and supplement. 

Would you please keep in mind each and every element of our program? As a useful introduction or easy reminder, here are a few quick reads:

    In closing, we need to view prostate cancer as a life-threatening condition requiring our lifelong commitment to keep at bay. We need to live with an awareness that we largely determine our success over time through the informed, reasoned daily choices we make. 

    XY Wellness exists to match your commitment and to help improve your odds of thriving despite prostate cancer. Our team is looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together with you in the coming years.


    All the Best,

    David, Co-founder & CEO