First-hand Insights and Guidance from Men Like You

In an earlier newsletter or two, I asked for your personal stories, insights and guidance. We received a remarkable volume and quality of feedback, including a few that I will share with you today.  

From RS in NY:


My journey to wellness changed my life. Through that lens, I look back on my prostate cancer diagnosis in 2013 as a blessing; it motivated me to make changes that I would otherwise probably not have made, changes which helped me to recover my physical, emotional and spiritual health. It turned me into a Health Warrior!

From SC in CO:


I am virtually certain your supplements have a real benefit. Initially, my PSA dropped from 3.4 to 1.8 over the first year, and then stayed in the low 2’s for years. After many years on your program, I somehow “fell off the wagon” in part because I could not tell if I was benefiting and in part because of the expense of the supplements. My PSA rose to 3.4 in the Fall and then to 4.4 in the Spring. At that point, I was alarmed, and made an appointment with Dr. Geo to review my health plan. I began strict adherence to your supplements. By August, my PSA dropped to 3.3 and in November it had dropped to 2.3. Other than reintroducing your supplements, I had made no other changes, so I now feel quite sure that your supplements do really go right to work.

From PC in FL:


I don’t have or been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but I have an enlarged prostate with a PSA ranging from 3.5 to 4.9 going up and down but staying in that range.


I do take your supplements because I like that David and Dr. Geo stand behind the products which gives me a comfort level. There are so many prostate supplements out there that I decided for several years now to put my trust on your products.


I do take care of myself by working out with a professional trainer for the past 15 years, and at 65 went on a diet to get my weight down from 200 to 175 which lowered my body fat. I also try to follow a Mediterranean Diet with occasional red meat but not more than twice a month. 


I plan to continue using your supplements and hope for the best.

From GL in CT:


The PSA score may not represent the be-all of prostate cancer disease tools, but it’s what we have. Get a blood draw at least annually. Skip it and you may be in peril. 


Second, don’t listen to anyone who says he’s “cancer free” because that’s just denial. I had a prostatectomy in 2003 and a recurrence (after watching my PSA slowly rise) in 2021. After 8 weeks of pelvic radiation and 6 months of ADT, my PSA fortunately remains at 0.008. 


In sum, I’m NED (“no evidence of disease”). 

From RL in NJ:


It has been over 12 years since my surgery for Prostate Cancer. Have been on the XY Wellness supplements for many years now and I feel XYW is a major reason for my good health and outcome. Although my PSA began to rise very slowly about 7 years after my surgery (positive margin), it has remained stable over the past few years at very low levels. I feel good and remain in good health for a 71-year-old man.

From JD in FL:


Where in today's world of medicine and supplements can you get the quality of information that XY Wellness puts out not only in writing, but also in Dr. Geo's podcasts? These podcasts are not only very informative and accurate, but most always have some humor.


To me, your best product is ImmunoPCTN. Why? Because it has worked wonders for me. I'm actually going to order more as soon as I finish typing this. 


Trust me. I tried every kind of supplement known to mankind before I found XY Wellness. You can't go wrong with XY Wellness. Thanks for all you do!

From ER in NY:


Last week I had my 4th or 5th biopsy in the 5 years since my initial diagnosis, with 18 snips this time. Happy to report nothing has worsened, still a Gleason 6, still no tumor, same small area affected etc. 


I have a world class doctor in Samir Taneja at NYU, but I am convinced that you and Geo Espinosa are hugely responsible for my stable health, with diet (no sugar, gluten free, grass-fed only meat, and eating well) and the XY Wellness packets of pills I pop every day, religiously. 


To say I am hugely grateful to the both of you would be a major understatement. You have both always shown yourselves to be genuinely sincere, nice, and decent professionals and businessmen, and I know in my brain and my heart that you two are playing an overweight role in my well-being, both mental and physical. 


I just cannot express the degree of gratitude I feel towards you both, words do not exist to sufficiently relay how I feel. THANK YOU both for all you do to keep me well. I see firsthand that the Wellness in your company's name is there with good reason!”

From JG in VA:


I want to thank you for your integrative approach to living. It has made a real, tangible difference in improving the quality of my health and life. Keep the train going…you are making a difference!

From AP in NY:


I have been taking XYVGGR for about a year. Since I started taking it, I have noticed increased energy levels that are most obvious when they decrease if I stop taking it between refills. I also noticed that I wake up almost every morning with an erection, which hasn’t happened so regularly since my mid-twenties. I am now 47. I have been taking supplements for many years and “XY Vigor'' works the best for me without any side effects. It makes me feel healthier.

From SC in NJ:


I am very pleased with your ImmunoPCTN supplement and with all the great clinical information that Dr. Geo provides. At NYU Langone Urology, I underwent a Cryoablation in January 2022 for Gleason Low Grade prostate cancer.  My follow up PSA in April was 2.7, which was good. I then started using ImmunoPCTN, and in my second follow up assessment this past July, the MRI was all clear and PSA dropped to 1.8.  These results are excellent, and I give some credit to your ImmunoPCTN.

From DB in FL:


My wife found Dr. Geo's website in the middle of the night in April 2015, the day I got my prostate cancer diagnosis. We bought his book, read it, and after the follow up with my urologist, I chose robotic surgery. 


Thirty days after surgery in June we embarked upon Dr. Geo's program with the detox start, the XY supplements, and the dietary recommendations.  


My urologist advanced me after year two with less frequent follow-ups and started me on annual follow up after four years. My PSA has been 0.04 or less on all check-ups, and I was declared cancer free at year five. 


My wife orders the supplements and I still follow Dr. Geo's recommendations. I turn 77 this year, play senior softball 3 days a week, and keep exercising and light weight training. I have shared my success and Dr. Geo's information with more than 20 friends.  

From JG in NJ:


I have been following your XY Wellness regime as directed and it has been very effective. Habitually, I jump into things enthusiastically and then I slack off and follow things haphazardly and finally declare that it "isn't effective. I kept my promise to Dr. Geo that I would follow your regimen properly and it has really made me feel much better, energetic, and vigorous. I believe that men can be somewhat skeptical about nutraceuticals, but I put my trust in Dr. Geo’s judgment. We can be weekend warriors about everything. Nutraceuticals as well as exercise don't work that way. It has to become a regular habit that works over time. It is difficult for me to list the things large and small that are improving, however slow or slight. I am anxious to see my next blood results to see that what I am saying is supported with data. In the meantime, I trust my body. Our bodies respond to our proper maintenance. Thank you for actively inspiring advocacy for health and well-being.

From VR in AZ:


Dr. Espinosa's proven integrity and unwavering commitment to successful solutions to my health since 2008 is why I faithfully adhere to the XY Wellness formulas, protocols, and roadmap.

And this is just a few of many that we received. Keep them coming! And please keep up your good work knowing that you are earning your own great results daily.

From all of us here at XY Wellness and at Mr. Happy, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 


All the Best,


David, Co-founder & CEO



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