Transform Your Diet into a Weapon

Our goal with the XY Wellness Diet, along with our nutraceutical regimens, is to transform what you consume into a powerful weapon against cancer, and in the process introduce you to the joy of preparing and eating real food. In order for it to work, it needs to be sustainable. In other words, no room for militancy here, but plenty of room for you to better understand the tradeoffs that you make with every dietary choice that you make, and with this awareness choose what makes best sense for you.


Why is Diet such a critical element in the XY Wellness approach to health? Let’s first reflect back on what we felt when initially diagnosed. As we know, a diagnosis of cancer is disorienting. Suddenly our life and future feel less within our control than the moment before we heard those words. Although we already knew that much of life is beyond our control, this was a blunt, unwelcome reminder. With this in mind, we at least know that have control over what we put into our body. When it comes to our diet, there are foods that will boost our ability to fight disease, just as there are foods that will actively fuel the disease. The reality is that our dietary choices are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Taking full control of our own nutrition is one way that we can make an immediate difference. We are the "captain of our own ship" in this fight against cancer, but we are going to have to work at it. 

As always, it is not a question of “if” we can do it, but of how quickly and effectively we can make some new, savvy habits a way of life. In this series on the XY Wellness Diet, we are going to examine what needs to be done, and are going to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. The rest is up to us. Let’s be clear: we are not proposing a deprivation diet, but are instead proposing just the opposite.

We’ll now just give you a preview, and then something that you can start with today even prior to working your way through the more detailed guidance. Using this preview, you will be able to dive into any and all of the following core principles of the XY Wellness Diet: 

  1. Cancer-fighting: is abundant in phytonutrients that actively inhibit cancer growth
  1. Anti-inflammatory: minimizes gluten, dairy, and other inflammatory triggers
  1. Immune system boosting: is rich in antioxidants and immune system enhancers
  1. Low-glycemic: is free of granulated sugar or low in refined flour
  1. Pesticide-free: is organic when necessary, yet "conventional" when appropriate
  1. Delicious: is fresh, local, top quality, vibrant, enzyme-rich, clean cuisine
  1. Doable: for some it may involve a bit of learning, but nothing that you cannot easily master


Don’t be overwhelmed! No need to be as the information will be presented in clear and actionable language, and no one is expecting perfection from you. We are simply providing you with the knowledge and knowhow needed to make informed choices that reflects your preferences and priorities.


For today, and until you feel ready to “cross the starting line” with the XY Wellness Diet, let’s distill it down to something that you can get started on and derive near immediate benefits from doing so.


We know that chronic inflammation poses a material risk to our health and our ability to combat disease, and we know that we can reduce our exposure to inflammatory agents by simply making smarter dietary and lifestyle choices. To demonstrate how dietary choices either boost or tax our body, as a challenge, do your best avoid three well-known dietary sources of inflammation, and see how you feel. What are the three? They are sugar, dairy and gluten. Give it a try. It is not as difficult as you might think. If during the initial few days you feel as if you are experiencing something akin to withdrawal symptoms, you are, which reinforces the need for getting on to the overall program.


For now, and as always, proceed at a pace that you can sustain. When you are ready, we will provide you with the overall philosophy and science behind each of the individual components of the XY Wellness Diet. Success comes down to making smart choices daily and to committing yourself to doing what is necessary. Be pleased that you are not just taking active measures to boost your body’s innate abilities to ward of illness, but that you are discovering a smarter way of eating and enjoying real food like never before. 


All the Best,

David, Co-founder & CEO