When is the perfect time to take PM supplements?

A common clinical question I'm often asked is, "What's a good time to take my nighttime supplements?" First, let me explain why taking an evening dose of supplements is essential… then we’ll talk about the ideal time to take your PM pills. 


Why take evening supplements?


Taking nutritional supplements in the evening is beneficial because it maintains a consistent level of nutrients in the body to help it recover from the day's work, regenerate healthy cells, and rid the body of harmful cells.


Continuous nutrient supply is key 

The body requires a constant supply of nutrients to support your health. Taking supplements in the evening ensures a steady stream of nutrients available throughout the night, which is especially important because the body undergoes repair and regeneration processes during sleep. 

The supplements we recommend are intended to have specific biological effects such as recovery, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and promoting cellular repair. Taking them in the evening ensures that their peak efficacy coincides with the body's natural healing and recovery processes during sleep. 

In other words, nighttime supplements attempt to keep the good cells healthy and rid the body of abnormal, aberrant cells.


When is the right time to take PM supplements?


The best time to take your PM supplements is in the late afternoon, roughly eight to twelve hours apart from the AM dose, three hours before bedtime. So that may be somewhere between 5 PM and 8 PM, depending on when daytime pills are consumed and your regular bedtime.


Why Late Afternoon and Not Too Late at Night?


  1. Improved Absorption: Our body's metabolism slows down as we approach bedtime. Taking supplements in the late afternoon ensures better absorption and utilization of the nutrients, as the body is still relatively active.
  2. Avoiding Disruption in Sleep Cycle:  Supplement pills, like food, must be metabolized, which may disrupt your natural sleep cycle, leading to difficulty falling asleep.
  3. Optimizing the Therapeutic Effect: Many ingredients in our XY Wellness supplements support bodily recovery, reduce overnight inflammation, or support immunity activity. Taking them in the late afternoon allows enough time for the active ingredients to start working effectively by the time you go to bed.
  4. Less waking time to pee: Gulping a large glass of fluid to take your supplements late at night may induce nighttime urinary frequency, which disrupts sleep. Good sleep is an essential pillar in the XY Wellness program.


The goal is to harmonize supplement intake with your body's natural rhythms to reap the maximum health benefits. By making this simple timing adjustment, you can enhance your wellness journey, keep healthy cells working to keep you well, and eliminate unhealthy ones.

Much love!

Dr. Geo




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