Why two brands with separate storefronts?

There are good reasons why we maintain two brands: XY Wellness and Mr. Happy. Out of the 55 million men in the US that are 55 years old and above, 3.3 million are living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. XY Wellness is focused on these men living with this lifelong, life-threatening condition, whereas Mr. Happy is focused on the remainder who are coping with age-related urological conditions that, while quality-of-life-threatening, are certainly not life-threatening.

We opted to go with separate brands and storefronts because we did not want to dilute the focused support and educational materials that us men living with prostate cancer appreciate from XY Wellness. Nor did we want to provide off-point support and educational materials to men who don't understand (and perhaps even care) what life with prostate cancer is like. These are two distinct audiences dealing with two distinct problem sets.


In terms of offered products, every product offered under XY Wellness is designed to support your body’s innate ability to ward off this disease by boosting your immune system function:

In contrast, every product offered under Mr. Happy is designed for men without prostate cancer to improve their quality of life in the face of the implication of natural aging:


There are a few exceptions in which Dr. Geo recommends acquiring products from both brands. To assist these men, we honor the same 10% discount code at both storefronts, and frequently our order fulfillment team is able to catch two orders going to the same customer and combine them into a single package. When that happens, you will see a $7.95 refund hit your credit card a few days later. 


In closing, and as always, keep up your good work to improve your health and quality of life, and thank you for choosing XY Wellness (or Mr. Happy).


All the Best,


David, Co-founder & CEO