Why no Amazon? Or free shipping?

Why don’t you sell your products on Amazon or elsewhere?


In order for us to provide you with our premium products at the best available price point, we avoid the material price increase that is necessary to “feed” this and other reseller channels. And why put a degree of separation between us knowing that although our products are a critical element, we are far more than a nutraceutical company?


Using indirect sales channels would require us to increase our retail price by more than 50%, which will put our products outside the reach of a number of men who need them but can no longer stretch to obtain them. We decided years ago that we would work directly with our customers to ensure they receive the information and pragmatic guidance needed to thrive under our Integrative Roadmap. Resellers largely sell “widgets” and fulfill orders, so they cannot provide this type of condition-specific support.



Why don’t you provide free shipping?


Like free lunch, there is no such thing as free shipping. Did you know our flat $7.95 S&H charge per order has not changed since we founded this company in 2010? Or that our actual “all-in” cost to get a package to your door averages $25.00? Free shipping claims are underwritten by building a fixed amount into the MSRP of each item to underwrite the actual cost of S&H, and by doing, penalizes customers placing larger orders for the benefit of those ordering an item or two. Our flat fee model encourages larger, less frequent orders, which is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

How well are we doing?


As many of you already know, I always welcome your questions, insights, requests, and advice on how we can better fulfill our mission to help men like you who are living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer to reclaim, rebuild, and renew your good health and quality of life. If you send our Customer Service Team a note for me, they will ensure it is forwarded to me for review and response. 

In closing, and as always, keep up your good work to improve your health and quality of life, and thank you for choosing XY Wellness (or Mr. Happy). Have a great weekend.



All the Best,


David, Co-founder & CEO