Why don’t we have sale events?

The only “Black Friday Event” in our world is if a Friday happens to be when we received our diagnosis, as it was for me back in 2004. We are a serious, lifelong solution to a life-threatening problem, so count on us to act accordingly and strive to provide the best available price every day on our premium set of products.


We are, once again, striving to deliver expert guidance and premium quality, condition-specific products at the best possible price points. In other words, our focus is on the value being exchanged. This is why we “cut out the middleman” and work directly with you since the cost of compensating a multi-tier distribution channel would put the retail price of our products out of reach for far too many men that we seek to help overcome this diagnosis.


To further support your efforts, we have held our S&H flat fee per order at $7.95 for UPS Ground since our founding in 2010. I encourage you, when possible, to take even greater advantage of this subsidy by considering the option to order more than a single month’s supply at a time. In other words, save some time and money each year by placing 3-6 orders rather than 12. It adds up.


In addition, we encourage you to use your reusable discount code with every order. You earn this code in one of two ways: (a) being a patient of Dr. Geo, or (b) demonstrating your commitment to our overall program over a period of time. We view these codes not so much as a discount, but as our contribution to your long-term success by in effect making every tenth order that you place on us. We are in this together.


Lastly, it is the Holiday Season, and, yes, we want to add a bit of mirth and merriment to your life. (And Mrs. Claus will like it too.) Kidding aside, from today through close of business on December 31st, like we did a couple of months ago, we will be adding a free bottle of Mr. Happy XYVGGR to every package we ship out to you. Enjoy!


That’s it for today. Please keep up your good work knowing that we earn our good results on this lifelong journey daily. And please let us know how we can help you along the way.



All the Best,


David, Co-founder & CEO