Treat the Terrain, Treat the Cancer

My patients with prostate cancer who diligently follow the prescribed lifestyle regimen often do well. Their PSA stabilizes, they lose unwanted weight, and they experience general well-being.  Many of my colleagues are curious to know how I treat prostate cancer with non-conventional methods.


I don't treat prostate cancer. I treat my patient's biological environment with nutritional and lifestyle approaches. You see, treating prostate cancer with surgery, radiation, or focal ablation is only one part of the puzzle. The other critical element is treating the terrain, the host, you.


Recently a patient sent me an article by Dr. Siddartha Mukerherjee, MD. His article, Cancer's Invasion Equationfocuses on treating the biological terrain.  In this article, Dr. Mukerherjee writes "A tumor is made of a heterogeneous mixture of millions of cells, only a fraction of which are equipped to leave the primary tumor, form an exploitative alliance with the 'soil' of another organ, and initiate metastasis."


In the same article, Dr. Joan Massagué, a cancer biologist at New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, explains "When tumor cells enter the circulation, they must perish almost immediately, and in vast numbers. Only a few reach their destination organs, such as the brain or the bone. Once they do, they face the additional problem of surviving in unfamiliar and possibly hostile terrain. A visible, clinical metastasis—the kind that we can detect with cat scans or MRIs—must only occur once a dormant cell has been reactivated and begins to divide. Malignancy wasn't simply about cells spreading; it was also about staying—and flourishing—once they had done so."  


My goal as a health practitioner and through XY Wellness is to help tumor cells from prostate cancer "perish" by creating a hostile terrain in your body  with dietexercise, stress reduction, sleep, and nutraceuticals. There are no quick fixes here, but a daily focus on healthy habits that rebuild and renew your body to keep you living longer and better. Keep at it.



Much Love!


Dr. Geo, Co-founder & Medical Director




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