Take the guesswork out of “watchful waiting” with Regimen 01: Active Surveillance

If you’re starting your prostate health journey with more questions than answers, rest assured, you’re not alone.


We get it. Terms like “watchful waiting” or “active surveillance” can feel like an anvil hanging over your head, or a villain looking over your shoulder… leaving you wondering if there’s anything you can actually do to regain some control over the path ahead of you.


Sound familiar? Well, XY Wellness is here to help.


Our multi-faceted approach to integrated prostate support is doctor-designed to give you the tools you need to rebuild, reclaim, and renew your health no matter where you’re starting out. And the high-quality nutraceuticals that comprise our unique, targeted regimen kits form the cornerstone of any clear plan.


Dr. Geo developed Regimen 01 for low-risk men with an intact prostate. The nutraceuticals in this all-in-one kit were selected for their research-tested ability to support normal cell division, strengthen prostate health, and facilitate optimal urinary function—no guesswork, pill-counting, or planning necessary.


All-in-one prostate protection


Regimen 01 includes a synergistic combination of scientifically supported ingredients that work in tandem to optimize your prostate’s health, delivering key benefits like:


  • Inflammation control and cellular support from botanicals like Ginger extract, Quercetin, Curcumin, Reishi mushroom and a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acid
  • Urinary support from Cranberry extract and Rye Pollen extract
  • Nerve and muscle relaxation from Chinese Skullcap (Scutellaria)
  • Liver and detoxification support from Milk Thistle and Schizandra
  • Comprehensive daily support from key vitamins and minerals, including zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium (from selenized yeast), alpha lipoic acid, and vitamin E (high gamma-mixed tocopherol)


And the best part? We’ve already done all the work for you… which means you won’t be wasting your money on a dozen different products, or wringing your hands over the right combination.


Just take a single, pre-portioned packet in the morning and the evening. That’s it.


So… are you ready to take the reins? Well, you don’t have to wait—get started on the path to perfect prostate health with Regimen 01 today.


Until next time,


The XY Wellness Team   



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