Supplements take good nutrition to the next level

When Hippocrates said to “let food be thy medicine,” he obviously wasn’t referring to nutritional supplements. But in today’s world, this wisdom most certainly applies.


Eating mindfully is important, of course. That’s why we offer a free diet guide to all of our customers. And why we’ve devoted the last several weeks to discussing some key nutrition topics in greater depth.  


But the inconvenient truth is that your body can't get everything it needs from food. It’s simply not possible.


For one thing, it takes a lot of work to maintain healthy eating habits—and the fact is, life happens. No one can maintain a perfectly clean diet. And the moment you have a meal outside of your home, you have less control over the quality of your food.


But even if you were to purchase and prepare every meal yourself, there would still be a number of hidden challenges to address…


Filling in the nutritional blanks


Fact: Our food supply is depleted in nutrients, for a number of reasons. Typical crops either grow in suboptimal soil, or are subject to industrial farming and hybridization techniques, for starters.


Not to mention that, in many cases, “fresh” produce has been transported from thousands of miles away. (Which means that weeks if not months have passed by the time it ends up on your plate.)


Even if you do eat farm-fresh fruits and vegetables every day, it’s still not always possible to get specific nutrients in the amounts that you need to see real results. Vitamin D is a great example of this.


While foods like fatty fish and mushrooms do deliver smaller amounts of this vital compound, your best natural source is actually the sun. However, most people don’t (or shouldn’t) get nearly enough sun exposure to meet their body’s needs—making a daily D3 supplement essential.


Lastly, we may be able to get vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals from food, but the supermarket just doesn’t offer the same variety of herbals (many of which have been used in traditional medicine for centuries) that dietary supplements can provide.


Every change makes a difference


At XY Wellness, we formulate dietary supplements to deliver necessary compounds tailored to very specific needs in quantities that diet alone can’t provide.


Our family of high-quality products is intended to complement key lifestyle choices that comprise the XY Wellness approach. There are no magic bullets here—but if you follow our program every day, we do promise that you’ll reap the rewards.


Wherever you are in your journey toward lasting health and healing, we’re here to help you boost your results every step of the way.  


Until next time,

The XY Wellness Team