Let’s Keep It Simple, Shall We?

Let’s Keep It Simple, Shall We?

Would you agree that life is far simpler than we at times allow it to be? Particularly in our post-diagnosis life?


Let’s focus on simplifying matters for you with a single “takeaway” per element of our Integrative Roadmap:

  • Diet: Reduce inflammation by reducing your intake of simple carbs, diary, and gluten.
  • Exercise: Improve your immune system function with a mix of cardio and resistance training.
  • Nutraceutical Support: Select the condition-specific, all-in-one Regimen Kit that fits you: Active Surveillance, Post-treatment, or ADT. If you want additional support, add XYVGGR or AHCC.
  • Stress Reduction: Before you get upset about something, ask yourself if you will even remember the issue in two weeks’ time. If not, let it go.
  • Sleep: Knowing that restorative sleep is critical to improving immune system function, act accordingly. No more excuses.
  • Sexual Health: Your quality-of-life matters, so do not neglect this, particularly knowing what a legend you are.


That’s it. Let’s keep it simple since simplicity leads to success. Have questions? Drop us a note. We are here to help you.


All the Best,

David, Co-founder & CEO