Engage, Learn, Apply, Succeed

Success is not something that happens to us, but is something that we choose to make happen.


Our mission here at XY Wellness is to help you succeed, but it is of course you and your daily choices that will ultimately determine your degree of success.


Our website is chalk full of clear, actionable advice, so please tap into it. In addition, we make available to you the following resources:


  • Our prostate cancer-specific blog
  • Our Thrive Despite Prostate Cancer streaming video channel
  • Dr. Geo’s male urology podcast channel
  • Dr. Geo’s male urology blog
  • Dr. Geo Live online events every month or so



Are you taking full advantage of some or all of these resources? If not, why not? Each of these resources share your goal of reclaiming and rebuilding your good health, boosting your quality of life, and brightening your already bright future.


As always, the more we engage, learn, and apply daily, the greater our odds and degree of success will be. Your success is within your reach, and you deserve it.



All the Best,


David, Co-founder & CEO