Control What You Can, and Do So Now

What do we do when many aspects of modern living seem to be conspiring against good health? When the odds seem to be stacked against us? I suggest we start by saying, “So what? I can do this.”


The aging process has already taught us the need to develop a sense of humor about our bodies, especially when a few of us feel like a 16-year-old boy trapped in a 66-year-old man’s body.


Those of us combating prostate cancer have also developed an awareness that although we cannot control all aspects of our lives, we can with certainty control what we choose to do to improve our odds and boost our quality of life. We can appreciate that we earn our results through the daily choices we make by understanding the trade-offs and factoring in our priorities.


Our mission here is to offer you a guided route to achieving your health goals if you are willing to seize the opportunity. As is true in much of life, your commitment to making smart daily choices will determine your degree of success.


You can count on us for clear, actionable recommendations on diet, exercise, condition-specific supplementation, sleep improvement, stress reduction, and sexual health. These elements are equally important, and all work together. If you do the work, you will reap the rewards.


Please educate yourself, tap us for support whenever needed, and then get to work. Keep in mind that daily compliance matters because neither aging nor prostate cancer elect to take an occasional day off.


As always, stay the course. By the way, I am on this very same course. So, shall we make this happen?


All the Best,


David, Co-founder & CEO