A successful New Year starts with better sleep

We’d like to start 2024 by dispelling a dangerous myth among driven, ambitious men: A good night’s sleep is not a waste of time. In fact, it might be the single most important strategy for success in your arsenal.


So many men believe that sleep is a luxury—that time spent in bed is “unproductive” and that success means getting by on just a few hours a night.


But here’s the truth: Shortchanging your body on sleep affects every single aspect of your health, from your mood and memory to your immune strength and cancer risk. And it sabotages your ability to meet even the simplest resolutions in the process.


A common culprit among older men  


Sure, there are the obvious culprits behind sleep trouble to consider—poor diet, hormone imbalances, subpar sleep hygiene, and electronics in the bedroom, just to name a few. But older men with a prostate have an additional set of sleep-stealing hurdles to navigate…


Prostate problems (including prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate cancer and its treatments) can have a significant impact on sleep quality and patterns. And perhaps the most common issue is nocturia—that is, the need to urinate frequently overnight.


Constant trips to the bathroom interrupt natural sleep cycles and keep you from reaching those deep, restorative stages of sleep. The end result is not only a shorter night of rest, but also poor sleep quality—leaving you fatigued the next day, even when you managed to get your eight hours in.


Even the most flawless sleep hygiene isn’t going to help if your bladder is keeping you up all night. And if this struggle sounds familiar, we’ve got some great news: the right supplements can make a world of difference.


Targeted support for urinary health


Urinary support is a key element of XY Wellness’s specially designed regimen for men under active surveillance.


This kit is for anyone with an intact prostate. The nutraceuticals in this regimen were all carefully selected to deliver targeted nutrients, reduce risk of prostate cancer development and progression, and support prostate health and optimal urinary function.


Key benefits include…

  •       Anti-inflammatory support from Ginger extract, Rye Pollen extract (Graminex), Cranberry fruit extract, Quercetin, and Omega-3 fatty acids
  •       Prostate support from Rye Pollen extract (Graminex), Reishi mushroom, Curcumin, and Quercetin
  •       Urinary support from Cranberry extract and Rye Pollen extract
  •       Nerve and muscle relaxation support from Chinese Skullcap (Scutellaria), and
  •       Liver support from Milk Thistle and Schizandra.


Each kit also delivers a comprehensive daily dose of key vitamins and minerals, including zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium (from selenized yeast), alpha lipoic acid, and vitamin E (high gamma-mixed tocopherol).  


And all you have to do is take one AM packet in the morning, and one PM packet in the evening (with or without food). It really is that simple.


The bottom line: For guys with prostate challenges, good sleep requires more than just blackout curtains and an early bedtime. Fewer overnight trips to the bathroom could be the real game-changer. And that’s just one of the ways we’ve got you covered in the New Year.  


Until next time,  


The XY Wellness Team