A Prostate Cancer Journey: A Look Back, A Look Forward

A Look Back

When I was diagnosed in 2004, prostate cancer was viewed as an elderly man’s disease treated by surgery. I was far from elderly, and my tumor profile was a poor fit for surgery.

Fortunately, I met the great duo of Dr. Roach and Dr. Shinohara at UCSF Medical Center and successfully underwent a treatment sequence of ADT, EBRT, and Brachytherapy. I owe them a debt of gratitude, which I repay with our mission here, which is to give men like you the tools you need to reclaim your own good health and future.

As I have learned, we need to view prostate cancer as a life-threatening condition requiring our lifelong commitment to keep at bay. Although it begins with working with the best available specialists you can find, it continues each day through the informed, reasoned choices we make.

We founded XY Wellness to match your commitment and improve your odds with our program of nutraceutical support and lifestyle choices that together boost your body’s innate ability to fight this disease. Our team here is looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together for you in the coming years.

A Look Forward

There are 3.3 million men in the US alone dealing with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. We know we can help each of these men as a lifelong complement to his relationship with his specialist. As such, we continue to expand our reach, to simplify our product line, and to make our educational materials even more readily accessible.  For instance, we have launched these resources:

As always, your goal is to stack the odds in your favor, so please take full advantage of these resources!


We will continue the efforts to raise awareness of these resources and thus how we can help men rebuild, reclaim, and renew their good health and quality of life. By the way, if you have not yet investigated each of these resources, would you please consider doing so? Thank you. I appreciate it.

In closing, I want to encourage you to stay the course knowing that we earn our results each and every day through the choices that we make. Please don’t be militant, which is not sustainable, but simply be smart by making your choices with a keen awareness of the tradeoffs. We are here and alongside you on your journey.


All the Best,


David, Co-Founder and CEO



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