Regimen 2: Post-Treatment


Is this the right program for you?

This XY Wellness program is appropriate for you if you are post-treatment after a prostate cancer diagnosis, and your prostate is not intact. You may have been surgically treated, treated with radiation (e.g., EBRT or Brachytherapy) or other such as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for prostate cancer. You may have a higher risk for or have had an actual recurrence of prostate cancer. If this describes you, you’re in the right place. If not, we also have programs for men under active surveillance, or those undergoing ADT.

Program 2

Nutraceutical support designed for you

Our Regimen 2 product bundle contains the following products, custom formulated and combined to meet your current needs.

  • ImmunoPCTN
  • GDtoxSel
  • Omega Avail Ultra


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Are you ready to get to work?

At XY Wellness, top-quality nutraceutical products are just one component of our Integrative Roadmap, designed to help men living with prostate cancer rebuild, reclaim, and renew their lives. Our roadmap incorporates recommendations on diet, exercise, sleep, sexual health, stress reduction and more.

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"It has been over 12 years since my surgery for Prostate Cancer. Have been on the XY Wellness supplements for many years now and I feel XYW is a major reason for my good health and outcome. Although my PSA began to rise very slowly about 7 years after my surgery (positive margin), it has remained stable over the past few years at very low levels. I feel good and remain in good health for a 71 year old man."

Richard, New Jersey

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