Eat to live: Introducing the XY Wellness Diet


A few words from David, our CEO

Before we talk about anything else, I want you to take a minute to reflect back on what you felt when you were initially diagnosed.

A cancer diagnosis is disorienting. Suddenly, your life and future feel less within your control than they did just moments before you heard those words. Yes, you already knew that much of life is beyond your control—but this was a blunt, unwelcome reminder, more real than any that ever came before it.

If you’re like me, in that moment, your quest to reclaim power and agency over your body began in earnest.

Our primary mission at XY Wellness is to make sure that the path toward that goal is clear for you. And it all starts with good nutrition. Because for all of the factors that are out of your hands when you’re up against cancer, there’s one thing you still can control—and that’s what you put into your body.

The choices you make are powerful. And the right ones will give you the edge that you need to thrive in the face of your diagnosis… and to emerge from fight even stronger than you were before.

But the reality is that your diet is either part of the solution or part of the problem. There are foods that boost your ability to conquer disease, just as there are foods that will actively fuel illness. And taking full control of your own nutrition is one way that you can make an immediate, noticeable difference.

You are the “captain of your own ship” in this fight against cancer. But you’re going to have to work to keep it moving in the right direction.

As always, it’s not a question of “if” you can do it, but of how quickly and effectively you can make new habits a way of life. We’re here to show you what needs to be done, and to give you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. The rest is up to you.

But let’s be clear: We’re not proposing a deprivation diet. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Our goal at XY Wellness—both through our diet plan and our nutritional support regimens—is to transform what you consume into a powerful weapon against cancer. And in the process, we aim to introduce you to the joy and pleasure of preparing and eating real food.

Yes, you will have to make some changes. But this new way of eating features fine cuisine unlike any “diet” food you’ve likely had before. So trust us when we say that your family will happily be joining you for meals. (Be sure to make them do the dishes!)

But in order for this to work, we also know it needs to be sustainable. In other words, we’re not interested in militance at the expense of living. We do, however, want you to finish this report with a better understanding of the tradeoffs that you make with every dietary choice. And armed with this new awareness, we want you to choose whatever makes the best sense for you.

So don’t be overwhelmed! There’s no need to be, as no one is expecting perfection from you. We are simply here to empower you to make informed choices that reflect your preferences and priorities.

For now, and as always, proceed at a pace that you can sustain. And feel confident in the fact that you are not just taking active measures to boost your body’s innate abilities to ward of illness, you are also discovering a smarter way of eating—and enjoying—real food like never before.

Yours in health,
David Guinther
Co-founder & CEO of XY Wellness … and prostate cancer survivor

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