How to Use XYVGGR Correctly for Optimal Sexual Health

May 05, 2021

I have seen XYVGGR work to help many patients optimize and invigorate their sexual potential, but it has definitely not worked in all men.

Of course, my goal is to help as many men as possible, so I tend to focus on who and why XYVGGR does not work rather than celebrate that it is working for so many. [Focusing on what is not working instead of rejoicing successes is not fun and a personality flaw, but I am too a work in progress.]

In listening to my patients and after our amazing team at XY Wellness did some research, I now have answers on why XYVGGR is not working for some while others are gloating over this formula.

Those on XYVGGR that report it not working for them are not taking it the right way. 

You see, when looking for objective, precise health results, the dose matters. 

This is the case when taking a pharmaceutical drug and is also the case when taking nutraceuticals.

Here’s guidance on how to take XYVGGR properly to get results:

  • XYVGGR is NOT an event-driven drug. In other words, it will not work if you take a pill or two right before a sexual event – it’s not meant to work that way.
  • XYVGGR works with time by feeding the arteries and muscles of the penis with specific nutrients to allow blood into it. 
    • The nutrients in this formula, verified to work by science and my clinical observations, include Ashwagandha, L-Citrulline, Pomegranate extract, and Resveratrol.
  • The dosage that works to produce results is two pills two times a day, eight to twelve hours apart, away from food.
    • Away from food = 30 minutes before a meal or two hours after.
  • Taking XYVGGR at the recommended dosage may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to see results, so be patient. The formula works by improving your pelvic health, not just mask symptoms.  
    • However, during this time, you will feel more blood flow in the pelvic area… heavier pelvic feeling overall. Also, many men report more morning erections after taking it the correct way.

In a calm, enjoyable scenario where you and your partner are having a good time, you will (and hopefully so will your partner) be satisfied with the results experienced after taking the recommended amount of two pills two times a day, away from food.

If needed, you can use a PDE-5 inhibitor (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) at the lowest dose possible in the evening with your normal nighttime dose of two XYVGGR pills. 

  • The lowest dose for Viagra and Levitra is 20mg (you can cut in half and use 10mg). For Cialis, the lowest amount is 5mg. 
    • You should consider the lowest dose possible of PDE-5 inhibitors to avoid any side effects from the drug while still getting the sexual results you want but only when combined with two pills of XYVGGR away from food.
  • This same approach of PDE-5 inhibitors combined with two XYVGGR pills two times a day works for most men after prostate cancer but not so much in men on Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT). 

Sexuality is not the end-all to live happily, but it can help maximize your quality of life and overall health.

Let me know how you do with XYVGGR after applying this recommended approach.

Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Geo, Co-founder & Medical Director