Welcome to a New Era

May 06, 2019

With the launch of this new website, for the first time since Dr. Geo and I founded XY Wellness in early 2010, I will not be “tapping the brakes” on our growth due to my fear that men finding us online might misuse our roadmap and products as an alternative to directly engaging a specialist or undergoing a necessary procedure.

We built XY Wellness as a complement, not a substitute, and built it in recognition that overcoming prostate cancer requires lifelong commitment and work — there is no short cut. If you are already a member of our XY Wellness community, then you already know this, of course. Like me, you have been doing the work and earning your results each and every day for years now.

This new website is designed to be even more visible and instructive as we expand our reach nationwide to help more men. It employs new technologies that will ensure that those who will never meet in person with Dr. Geo will properly learn how to use our guided roadmap, to select the correct combination of products, and will receive the type of ongoing care from us that encourages their success.

To our current XY Wellness community members, please be assured that as we grow nothing that you value and have grown to depend on will suffer. If there is ever even a hint of that happening, I will once again “tap the brakes.” Instead please join Dr. Geo and me in welcoming to XY Wellness men like you but who are just now beginning their journey with us.

All the Best,