We Are Here to Help

March 16, 2020

As of now, our operations are up and running with all orders being processed and inventory levels sufficient despite the notable recent uptick in demand.

We encourage all of you to make sound decisions each day to further boost your immune system function. The XY Wellness Approach is designed to give you a guided roadmap to this end. Please review and incorporate as best you can the actionable advice if offers on diet, exercise, sleep improvement, stress reduction, and targeted supplementation.

In addition, this is now a matter beyond personal responsibility and in the realm of collective responsibility. Our choices as individuals affect other community members directly and materially, so please be smart, be cautious, be safe. There is no downside to over-caution, but plenty to its absence.

We are thinking of you, and are here to help.

All the Best,

David (Co-founder & CEO)