Unwrapping and Wrapping Up 2020

December 28, 2020

Wrapping Up:

    1. “May you live in interesting times” is not actually a translation of a traditional curse, but it certainly does seem to apply to what we are all living through, doesn’t it? That said, remarkable times can provide a remarkable opportunity for the fortunate, the adaptable, and the driven.
    1. We have had a productive year here at XY Wellness, and we expect to further accelerate our progress in 2021. We hope that you have also been able to make the best of this situation as you protect your family and continue to build your life.
    1. We wish you a warm, enjoyable, and memorable New Year. We are very pleased to know, and to work with you and on your behalf. Be safe, be well.


    1.  We will be rolling out a number of innovations in 2021. All are designed to improve your odds of ongoing success in rebuilding, reclaiming, and renewing your good health and quality of life.
    • There is an all too human tendency to be open to change so long as it does not involve doing anything differently. Please try not to fall prey to it as the maxim “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” does not apply in this case.
    1. We are making significant investments to further improve the efficacy that we provide to you each and every day. This is our commitment to you, so please trust us and fully embrace what we are rolling out for you knowing that we share the same goal.

And lastly, we are giving our team some much deserved time off this week, so will not be shipping out orders from close of business on Wednesday the 30th until early morning on Monday the 4th.  Would you please plan accordingly? Thank you.

Happy New Year,

CEO & Co-founder