Springing into Action; an Update from David

March 15, 2021

Today, a brief update.

Serious Support: Prostate cancer is a life-threatening, lifelong condition. Overcoming it requires a lifelong commitment to your life, to your health, and to the behavioral and lifestyle changes you’ll need to make to beat this disease. There is no short cut; it takes work. Our mission and raison d’etre are to help you on this journey. To that end, in the coming weeks, our team will be gently reaching out to a subset of you simply to inquire how you are faring and if there is anything that we can do to help you as you proceed.

Beware the Ides of March: In this instance, the midpoint of our annual March Against Inflammation event. For those of you who have joined us, the difficult part has now passed, and you should be experiencing everything from improved energy, better sleep, and perhaps brightened mental clarity. If you drop us a note in early April describing your experience, we’ll be sending you “a little something” in return.

Stay the Course: Lastly, please keep in mind that every element of the XY Wellness Approach is equally important to your success, and that the more elements you incorporate into your daily routine, the greater will be your results. Just like you cannot out-exercise a bad diet, you cannot easily overcome too many less-than-ideal choices. Don’t be rigid, as it is not sustainable, but please factor in the tradeoffs as you proceed on this journey.

As always, be safe, be well. Spring has sprung here in Madison, and hopefully by you too.

CEO & Co-founder