Say No Whey to ImmunoProtein

June 26, 2019

Like you, we are always seeking to improve. For XY Wellness, this at times involves upgrading even a long loved product with something that is clearly superior and even more true to our mission of helping you to reclaim, rebuild, and renew your good health.

We recently said goodbye to WheyMeal. Why? Because we encourage the reduction of dairy intake, even high quality versions of it, and we found an alternative that not only delivers high quality vegan protein but is designed to support your immune system function while doing so.

Our new ImmunoProtein is comprised of plant-based proteins, and includes a powerful blend of medicinal mushrooms. Protein is a critical dietary component that helps maintain the structural integrity of our cells and supports healthy blood sugar levels. We have no way of storing protein, so we need to obtain it daily from our diet.

We recommend ImmunoProtein to you because it is a complete, easily digestible, high quality, vegan protein that is boosted by immune system supporting beta-glucans. Try blending it with coconut water and a frozen banana following your next workout. Get creative with other fruits or plant-based milks. We think that you will love it, just like we do here.

All the Best,