Reliability Can Be the Most Important Capability

November 13, 2021

When I lived in San Francisco in the mid-80s, MUNI was under constant criticism for failing to keep the buses running on time. To “solve” this core-mission problem they made the ignoble decision to stop publishing pocket timetables.

We have recently seen similar behavior by one of our long-time supply chain partners. Yes, supply chain issues are currently systemic, but this does not absolve any of us from meeting reasonable expectations.

In light of our mission, we have a no backorder policy for our inventory management. This means that we avoid just-in-time restocking orders and instead underwrite the cost of always maintaining a minimum of three months of buffer stock.

This buffer stock on a couple of items has been depleted due to unprecedented delays in delivery, and like MUNI, the most recent reset delivery date commitment has become “TBD.” Rather than making excuses, we are making adjustments and alternative plans as we determine the best path forward for these two products. Our commitment to you remains the same.

That said, please note the following:

  • ImmunoProtein has been made temporarily unavailable rather than accept any more backorders on it. We will clear out any all backorders for this item prior to making it available for sale again.
  • Inflammatone is about to be made temporarily unavailable rather than accept any backorders on it. We will be making it available for sale again once we receive the long-overdue new batch.

My apologies for the disruption. We will work our way through this, and once again, will take measures to avoid recurrence.  Thank you for choosing XY Wellness, and as always, please keep up the great work. Those of us on this path know that we earn our results daily.

All the Best,

David, Co-founder & CEO