Read Me! I’m Important

November 13, 2021

How do you like that for a Subject line? Sorry, but it gives us a chance to connect today on a few key topics:

Backorders and Inflationary Pressures. We continue to experience problems with a supply channel partner. In light of our mission, we have a no backorder policy for inventory management and we underwrite the cost of maintaining more than adequate buffer stock. For two items this buffer stock has now been depleted due to delays. We are seeing price increases from this same partner, which we have been absorbing for now rather than passing on to you. All this said, you can expect to see changes to our product family in the coming months as we strive to regain dependable links in our supply chain. Our commitment to you remains the same. My apologies for the recent disruption.

Stay the Course During the Holidays. I encourage you to be merry and not militant, but to also factor in the tradeoffs on the choices you are making. Please try to adhere to the Integrative Roadmap as best you can. As some country song no doubt must state, “Two is too many, but five is never enough” … which does not just to apply to adult beverages but also to slices of pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies. Enjoy life, you have more than earned it, but if you can, please pick your spots wisely, and try to get plenty of exercise, sleep, and “clean eating days” in along the way.

Dates Closed Over the Holidays. We love our team, and our team loves their families, so we will be providing plenty of company holidays. Our online storefront will be available 24/7, but our Order Fulfillment team will be enjoying the following days off in addition to the normal weekend days: Thursday, November 25th, Friday November 26th, Thursday, December 23rd, Friday, December 24th, Thursday, December 30th, Friday, December 31st. Would you please plan accordingly by adding in a few extra days to get your packages from us safely to your door?

Thank you for choosing XY Wellness, and as always, please keep up the great work. Our team here wishes you and your loved ones all of the best in the upcoming Holiday Season.

All the Best,

David, Co-founder & CEO