January Marks a Major Milestone

October 09, 2019

January 2020 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the founding of XY Wellness by Dr. Geo and me. Yes, we were just two kids with a dream. Kidding aside, this dream is our mission, which is to provide men with prostate cancer with a no-nonsense, guided roadmap to reclaiming, rebuilding, and renewing their health and future.

Men like me. I was diagnosed in 2004, so I live daily with the perspective that prostate cancer is a life-threatening, lifelong condition, and that overcoming it requires a lifelong commitment. It requires a commitment to our life, our health, and the behavioral and lifestyle changes that we need to make to beat this disease.

There is no short cut. No magic pill. Improving our health and quality of life takes work. XY Wellness is here to help us on this journey via its integrative roadmap, but we have to be ready to put in the sweat equity. If you are reading this and already part of this community of men, you are well on your way. Congratulations.

As January approaches, you can expect to hear more from us on how we will be commemorating this milestone. Whatever we do, it will no doubt involve a bit of good-natured fun while supporting your ongoing efforts to achieve lifelong success.

All the Best,