Big Changes at XY Wellness

November 10, 2020

Big changes are well underway at XY Wellness as we continue our pursuit of your success in combating our common enemy: prostate cancer. 

In addition to our Integrative Roadmap, we are investing heavily in the continuous refinement our family of nutraceutical support products, including measures to help mitigate any risk of patient fatigue. 

May I preview some of the developments, and when you will see them?

Near Term: 

At close of business on Thursday night, November 12th, we will be launching a new formulation of ImmunoPCTN. Why are we updating one of our most popular formulas? Because Dr. Geo has devised a new approach to delivering the same efficacy while reducing our recommended daily dosage from six to four capsules. 

Please note that all orders received on or before 3 PM CST on Thursday will receive the current formulation in its 180-capsule bottling. All orders received after this time will receive the new formulation in its 120-capsule bottling. The price remains as is at $79. 

Mid Term:

In early 2021 we will be launching a new approach to the packaging of our Regimens 1, 2, and 3 to better support both convenience and compliance. We expect this to be well-received as it reflects our understanding of and appreciation for the daily effort required for us to earn our best results.

That said, this launch is designed to be “all carrots, no sticks” meaning that no one will be forced to promptly convert from what is already working so well for you. We will offer a lengthy transition period filled with plenty of information on the new Regimens and new complimentary small group access to Dr. Geo to discuss if and how to best map what is already working so well for you into these new Regimens. 

Long Term:

We are humbled (and very pleased) at our rate of growth since it is a proxy for the value that we are delivering to post-diagnosis men. At the same time, as we grow in size and geographic reach, we recognize that a growing percentage of our community of men will not have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Geo at his clinic. 

As such, we are making significant investments in high quality streaming video, on-line interactive workshops, and other remote engagement tools to ensure that the quality of experience and opportunity is comparable irrespective of where a man with our shared condition happens to live. As we have all learned during this period of social distancing and remote work, we are adaptive people by nature and communication platforms are dramatically improving, so please stay tuned as we bring our XY Wellness approach to life next year in new and effective ways.

This is it for today. As always, please keep up your good work. We earn our results each and every day, including today. Thank you, as always, for choosing XY Wellness. 

All the Best,

David, CEO and Co-founder