A Timely Update from XY Wellness

March 25, 2020

Our thoughts are with all of you as we navigate these difficult days together.

Although Madison is under a statewide stay at home directive, XY Wellness has been deemed essential and therefore remains operational for at least the time being. Orders are being processed without delay as are customer service requests. We have secured more than ample inventory to be able to absorb any midterm disruptions to our supply chain. I will inform you if anything materially changes in the coming days.

Please tend to yourself. The adverse effects of the developing events and related changes in daily life will creep in, so it is important to preempt them as best we can through our daily choices on diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and nutraceutical support. These choices are critical and controllable.

If you can steal a quiet moment, you will find a quick review of the various components of the XY Wellness Integrative Roadmap to be useful as it is designed to boost immune system function thereby giving our body’s innate abilities every chance to perform.

In addition, to help offset the effects of isolation, we encourage you to lessen your reliance on texting or emailing and instead make a phone call or take advantage of online audio/visual platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and many others to engage with colleagues, friends and family.

Once again, we are thinking of you, and are here to help. Be safe.

All the Best,

David (Co-founder & CEO)