11th Anniversary; Important Product Updates

January 19, 2021

Welcome to the Eleventh Anniversary of the founding of XY Wellness by Dr. Geo and me. Yes, we were just a couple of kids with a dream. Kidding aside, we are looking forward to continuing to refine our ability to further improve your ongoing success as you Reclaim, Rebuild, and Renew your good health and quality of life. We are in this together, as I trust you know by now.

Today, three quick points of business:

  • In order to be consistent with a monthly supply model, our Inflammatone product will shortly be available in a 120-capsule bottling rather than the 240-capsule bottling that we have been offering for many years now. We will be making the change as soon as we sell through the remaining few bottles of the 240-capsule version, so if you would like to pick one up while supplies last, please do.
  • We are actively working on what we expect will be very well-received “Regimen Kits” that will make it more convenient for you to be consistently compliant with your daily nutraceutical regimen. Daily consistency matters greatly, so we are investing in this new model with the goal of boosting your ability to be successful. Stay tuned: details to follow in the coming weeks.
  • Lastly, please keep in mind that every element of the XY Wellness Approach is equally important to your success, and that the more elements you incorporate into your daily routine, the greater will be your results. Just like you cannot out-exercise a bad diet, you cannot easily overcome too many less-than-ideal choices. We encourage you to determine your priorities and make the best choices for you. We provide expert guidance and encouragement so you can factor in the tradeoffs as you proceed on this journey.

As always, be safe, be well. These are “interesting times” which means that actions we can take to further boost our ability to navigate uncertainty are both smart and rewarded.

All the Best,

CEO & Co-founder