How Should I be Thinking about Exercise?

April 29, 2021

Exercise is medicine. I am not mincing words. 

Physical movement with some intensity has therapeutic benefits to the body. 

And the fact that exercise along with the good diet we promote has medicinal properties have been known for centuries. 

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, was reported to write that “eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise. For food and exercise work together to produce health.” 

What is the Exercise Prescription?

An exercise prescription generally includes the following specific recommendations:

  • Type of exercise or activity (e.g., walking, swimming, cycling). Mix it up. Cardio one day, say on the elliptical machine, weight training the next and yoga the third would be great. 
  • Specific workloads (e.g., watts, walking speed) A jog or a brisk walk would work fine. It depends on your baseline level of fitness.
  • Duration and frequency of the activity or exercise session. Shoot to do some form of exercise six days a week for 30 to 60 minutes each time.
  • Intensity  – When doing cardio (aerobic exercise), a good Heart Rate (HR) is 180 minus your age. If you are in good shape, add 10 points. If you are in poor health, reduce 10 points from that equation. When weight training, push and pull an amount of weight where you can only do six to ten repetitions (reps) at a time. If you on a bench press twenty-five reps with a certain amount of weight with no problem, that weight is too high.
  • Pre-existing conditions – Get a cardiovascular physical to make sure your heart is healthy enough for exercise. Talk to your physician in general about starting an exercise regimen.

As a health care practitioner, I’ve never discouraged anyone from exercising. The reward is much greater than the risk.

For men after a prostate cancer diagnosis, there is a 61% lower risk of dying from the disease and a 57% reduction of recurrence after treatment in men who vigorously exercise at least 3-hours a week.

A drug that can lower the risk of death and cancer recurrence like exercise would be an instantaneous hit overnight.

Take your medicine — every day. 

My goal as a health practitioner and through XY Wellness is to help tumor cells from prostate cancer “perish” by creating a hostile terrain in your body with diet, exercise, and nutraceuticals.

Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Geo, Co-founder & Medical Director