The XY Wellness Diet: How to Make it Work in the Real World with [VIDEO]

March 24, 2021




Sometimes eating clean is hard, isn’t it? There’s so much temptation out there, from the intoxicating smelling pizza in the corner store to the delicious, warm chocolate chip cookies staring right at you from your favorite bakery.

An essential component of the XY Wellness diet is not to abstain from a pizza experience shared with friends and family but to be mindful of why, how much, and how often you are eating it.

Let’s break down each component.

Why are you eating? 

For health? to share a moment with someone through food? Stress? to celebrate? It’s important to know why you are eating. Do you need a quick fix – dopamine response from carbs, for example?

  • Simple rules to eating mindfully:
  • Know why you are eating
  • Eat for health often
  • No need to be militant about it
  • Never eat with guilt

How much are you eating? 

We don’t need too much food to survive or even to thrive after prostate cancer. What is required is consuming protective foods, not too much, and in their most natural state.

When breaking the rules of clean eating, break them intelligently. There’s no need to eat half of the pizza pie in one sitting; for example, have one slice and enjoy it. Lastly, there’s no need to bundle low-level foods, i.e., a burger with fries and soda. If the burger is what you are after at your favorite burger joint, just have that; no need for fries and soda. And enjoy it. Guilt-free.

How often do you have the least optimal foods? 

Making poor food choices can become habitual and addictive. The one burger, pizza, or cookie will not make your prostate cancer worse. Excessive consumption of such foods may. Let’s not take that chance. Prostate cancer is an opportunity to make better dietary and lifestyle choices to rebuild and renew your body. It’s a second chance to do better. Please take advantage of it.

How to dietarily deviate intelligently:

  • Have a cheat day where you can be less restrictive, but only one day a week.
  • Be mindful of excess consumption on cheat days. You will not feel good from overeating.
  • Don’t forget the other elements of the XY Wellness protocol that can offset any deviation from your wellness plan, especially exercise and nutraceuticals.

Lastly, as a friendly reminder, the XY Wellness Roadmap is a complete lifestyle program that includes better, clean eatingexercisenutraceuticalssleep, and stress management. One “cog” affects the other.

Cheers! To a new and better you.

Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Geo, Co-founder & Medical Director