Your Best Strategy Against Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a life-threatening condition that requires a life-long commitment to improving your odds of avoiding either progression or recurrence. Your best strategy? Vigilance coupled with three lines of defense: (1) medical expertise, (2) behavioral change, and (3) doctor-recommended supplementation.

Work closely with a prostate cancer expert to thoroughly profile your disease. Based on this profile, determine with your doctor which, if any, medical procedure is right for you while bearing in mind the possibility of recurrence (Freedland reports a 35% recurrence rate among RP patients in The Journal of Urology, June 2007).

Knowing this, commit yourself to doing what you need to do to strengthen your body's innate ability to fight disease. Adopt a sensible diet. Get into better physical condition through daily exercise. Manage your stress levels. Eliminate unhealthy behaviors. Make no excuses. 

Thirdly, discuss with your chosen specialist if a thoughtful, appropriate supplement regimen will help to create an unfavorable internal environment for disease and boost your body's ability to fend off the progression or recurrence.

Three lines of defense working together to improve your odds of success and quality of life. Be vigilant, be intelligent. You can do this, and you must. You owe it to yourself, and to everyone in your life.

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