XY Wellness and Social Media

Today, kicking and screaming, XY Wellness joins the world of social media. Apparently, to quote the The Borg, "resistance is futile" and "we will be assimilated"...well at least to some degree.

I tried to explain to our great team here that my parents still had rotary phones until I was around 10, and that such things as Twitter and Facebook seem to be best suited to those younger than me and our average XY Wellness Members, but I have been swayed. 

I was swayed because I want our message to be as easily accessible to as many as possible, and that social media is how many of you kids prefer to receive new information of interest. It is time for me to retire my fax machine and beeper. 

So will you please join us?

Have a great Fathers' Day Weekend everyone. We have earned it!