Why Fathers' Day Once Again Matters Most

What follows is from this time last year, slightly updated, and certainly not dated in its sentiment:

There is no more potent holiday for me than Fathers' Day.

When I was first diagnosed with fairly advanced prostate cancer in 2004, my first worry was its implication for my family. Our two very young daughters deserved the father and future that my wife and I had always envisioned for them.

Knowing that cancer is a life-threatening and lifelong condition, and not knowing what the ultimate outcome of my chosen treatment regimen would be, I set my goal to be "extend the game" and see my girls safely and happily enter college.

To me, this is what fathers do. We rally to the occasion, and this symbolic goal was something I could readily focus on.

Now that our oldest daughter is starting her sophomore year in August at a truly great university, let's just say that it is a really good time to re-set this particular goal. How about I go with seeing my future grandchildren safely and happily enter college?

I want to wish all of our XY Wellness community of men who are also "extending the game" with the health-savvy choices that we make each day a Happy Fathers' Day. We are not only doing this for ourselves but for all of the people in our lives. This is what fathers do.

Congratulations to you and Happy Fathers' Day.