What is Big Pharma Up To?

None of us buy into the notion that Big Pharma is driven by altruistic motives, but sometimes it is stunning to see profit motive run amok. The stories regarding EpiPen pricing caught all of our attention a few months ago, as did story today from a friend catch mine. 

He was picking up at the Walgreens drive through window his first time prescription for a certain 5mg "daily use" PDE-5 Inhibitor when the pharmacist informed him that since it is not covered by his insurance plan his out-of-pocket for a 30-tablet monthly supply would be $405. That is $13.50 per day. He drove away without it.

Since he has been married for over twenty years, I kidded him that for him a more accurate way for him to view it is as ~$200 per actual use. 

I then sent him a complimentary bottle of XYVGGR along with a note to the effect of "as a non-drug, this will lack the noteworthy unwanted side effects of a PDE-5 Inhibitor, but, hey, why not give it a try?" 

Plenty of XY Wellness customers will (discreetly) attest to its benefits. And at under $2 per day. 

Kidding aside, I love living in a capitalistic society but have always felt that certain industries are best run for the common good. Unjustifiably high drug prices which in turn contribute to high medical insurance premium pricing drive this point home. 

All that said, have a nice weekend and as always thank you for choosing XY Wellness.