Using the Immune System to Fight Cancer

A recent article in the New York Times describes the excitement surrounding a new class of drugs that are under development that seek to activate the immune system to attack cancer cells just like the immune system does when it attacks bacteria. We are optimistic about this new area of research, and applaud medical science for investigating alternatives for treating cancer that do not further tax an already compromised host body. We are looking forward to seeing how this area of research takes shape..

In the meantime, we want to remind you of the critical role that your daily lifestyle choices play in your ability to boost immune system function. Your choices on diet, exercise, smart supplementation, sleep improvement, stress management, and sexual health either contribute to or detract from your ability to reclaim and rebuild your health and quality of life. 

Be smart, but do not set an impossible goal of being perfect. Instead be aware of the tradeoffs and keep sight of your goals and priorities. Strive to improve your condition each day, and check your progress by asking yourself: "Was today a Win, Lose, or Draw?"  Be honest and objective, and commit yourself to doing the best you can to minimize the number of days that are anything short of a clear Win

Even promising developments like this new class of drugs under investigation should never be viewed as an excuse to not do whatever you can do today to boost your body's innate ability to fight disease. Rather than hoping that some "magic in a bottle" will arrive, commit yourself to both seeking the best available medical expertise and to complementing it with healthy lifestyle and behavioral choices. This is the XY Wellness Approach distilled down to its essence.