Urban Living and Toxicity

The only thing that I love more than flying into New York City is flying out. 

Kidding aside, NYC is arguably the greatest city in the world, but it poses unique challenges to our many XY Wellness members who live there and are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal immune system function. 

My family and I just got back to Madison from a remarkable "spring break" vacation in Manhattan. We did not go there to relax, but to take full advantage of all it has to offer. The hustle and bustle is magic, but is not without its costs.

I am impressed by our NYC members who continue to thrive despite the environmental elements that contribute to toxicity in the body and the culinary wonders that make the cancer savvy XY Wellness diet more difficult to comply with. 

During our trip, in addition to daily morning workouts followed by a quick visit to the steam room the one thing that I did that made a difference was 3 caps per day of GDtoxSel. This combination put me in a position to fend off any unusual load of environmental or dietary toxins.

If you have not tried GDtoxSel, Dr. Geo (a New Yorker) and I highly recommend it as a means to put yourself in a position to shed everything that life tosses your way and do so in a manner that reduces what would otherwise tax your immune system function.

New York: thank you for yet another great visit! I look forward to visiting again soon, ... with GDtoxSel in-hand.

Best of Health to You,