The Why Behind XY Wellness

The late, great Dale Carnegie suggested that “you should not break your arm patting yourself on the back.” Agreed, but we also appreciate that men need to know that they are not alone in their pursuit of renewed health, and can achieve a good outcome if they are willing and able to do the necessary work. *

As part of our ongoing Testimonial Series, today's entry sheds light on the reason that XY Wellness is here, which is to complement and enhance your efforts:

Last week I had my 4th or 5th biopsy in the 5 years since my initial diagnosis, 18 snips this time. Happy to report nothing has worsened, still a Gleason 6, still no tumor, same small area affected etc. 


I have a world class doctor in Samir Taneja at NYU, but I am convinced that you and Geo Espinosa are hugely responsible for my stable health, with diet (no sugar, gluten free, grass-fed only meat, and eating "weller" than well) and also the 21 XY Wellness pills I pop every day, religiously. 


To say I am hugely grateful to the both of you would be a major understatement. You have both always shown yourselves to be genuinely sincere, nice, and decent professionals and businessmen, and I know in my brain and my heart that you two are playing an overweighted role in my well-being, both mental and physical. 


I just can not express the degree of gratitude I feel towards you both, words do not exist to sufficiently relay how I feel. THANK YOU both for all you do to keep me well. I see firsthand that the Wellness in your company's name is there with good reason!

- E.R. in NYC

Thank you, E.R., for sharing your thoughts on how we are supporting your efforts to reclaim, rebuild and maintain your health. This sort of feedback is what drives us.

Underpinning XY Wellness is a social entrepreneurship element that unfortunately not all folks fully comprehend yet. As you may know, I do not make my living from XY Wellness; instead it is my way of giving back to other men seeking to improve their ability to keep prostate cancer at bay. I make my living at Threadian, and actually "lose money" every working hour that I divert to XY Wellness (causing my wife to finally conclude that I am not just crazy about her, but perhaps in general). 

Dr. Geo and I are seeking to build something truly special here, and to do so on our terms. Great products, fair pricing, incredible customer service, and a free guided lifestyle roadmap for the willing and able to follow. No gimmicks, no nonsense, no greed. As I said, it takes a while for new Members (much less the general public) to realize that there is really something different and special taking shape here within the community that we are building at XY Wellness. 

E.R., you understand it, so thank you for sharing your insights and good thoughts. It reinforces that what we do here daily matters greatly, and drives us to find ways to do it better. 

All the Best,


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