The Protective Benefits of Curcumin

One of the most important natural agents that offer maximal protection is curcumin. Actually, its one of my favorites right along ginger and garlic.

Curcumin is a component in the Indian spice turmeric and it’s a cousin of ginger - another highly protective herb and one of my favorites. The yellow color in your curry dish is caused by curcumin.

There are over 150 research papers suggesting curcumin’s protective benefits against prostate cell aberration and close to two thousand scientific papers showing its inhibitory effects against damage to all cells. *

Curcumin protects prostate cells (and breast cells) by slowing down the over production inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. *

A particular molecule in the body that promotes cytokine production is Nuclear Kappa Factor –b (NFkB). This ancient yellow spice has show to inhibit progression of excess prostate cell replication by interrupting the action of NFkB in mice. *

Here’s the bottom line: spices of all kinds should be consumed daily with food. The scientific community is now realizing that the best pharmacy is indeed in the kitchen. Rosemary, Oregano, garlic, turmeric all have anti-cancer properties. *

A smart and judicious use of dietary supplements should be an important part of any health routine if the interest is in preventing or slowing the development of abnormal prostate and breast cells. *

Optimal amount ranges of curcumin vary from 400mg to 4,000mg a day. Science daily has suggested up 8 grams a day (8,000mg) is safe. Typically, the more aggressive the health challenge the more curcumin should be consumed. The optimal amount of curcumin consumption has not been properly studied yet. 

I consume curcumin everyday in supplement form, and you should too. Curcumin is found in these three XY Wellness products:

It’s always best to visit a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor when using herbs and spices at higher levels. 


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