Spider Venom as an Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine recently published a study that suggests that a toxin present in the venom of the Brazilian Wandering Spider may be a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This toxin apparently improves erectile function in aged rats by boosting their levels of nitric oxide which in turn dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. 

Unfortunately, potential side-effects may include priapism and death. You cannot make this stuff up! 

Examples of what men inflict upon themselves in their effort to "turn back the clock" on their sex lives are cringe-worthy. There needs to be a natural, side-effect-free way to increase nitric oxide levels and blood flow. This is why we decided to develop XY VGR.* 

Since we made it available in May, the feedback has been remarkable, although some of it has included a few more details than truly necessary. Nonetheless we are pleased that so many of our XYW Members have now found a safe, highly-effective way to once again fully embrace all that being a man has to offer.* 

Although we cannot offer you any of the side-effects available with the pharmaceutical and spider venom alternatives, we can at least offer you a natural, no-nonsense approach to addressing a serious quality of life issue that currently affects over 30 million men in the US alone.* 

Why not discover what so many XYW Members already know? Why not take action right now to improve or even reclaim your sex life? You deserve it. And so does your partner.

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