Seven Simple Steps to Improved Sexual Health

A number of years ago, when asked in a Rolling Stone interview what he had learned about himself while going through a recent, painful divorce, an introspective Carlos Santana offered “… and one thing I have discovered is that I don't need no damn Viagra, that's for damn sure.” 

And perhaps neither do you. 

Funny as that may be, erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. With all due respect to Mr. Santana, there are arguably far better (and more cost-effective) ways to improve your sexual health, function, and satisfaction. 

Seven Simple Steps

Here are our top recommendations for you to consider:

  1. Erectile function is a “canary in the coal mine” indicator of possible cardiovascular disease. Before doing anything else, take the time to rule out this possibility.
  2. Stop smoking! Among the myriad of problems caused by smoking is arterial damage that contributes to erectile dysfunction. Enough said.
  3. Reduce your consumption of alcohol and of caffeine as either in excess interferes with your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.
  4. Get some sleep since nocturnal erections help you to maintain penile health and to offset the daily stress on your body that contributes to erectile dysfunction.
  5. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by performing a few sets of Kegels every day. Doing so will help you to regain normal sexual function. During a conference call, while driving your car, while reading this sentence, … no one will be the wiser.
  6. Consider acupuncture. No, the needles do not go there! It is proven to work, particularly on men who may in part be struggling with performance anxiety.
  7. Increase your nitric oxide levels. How?

Here is how. In his clinical practice, Dr. Geo frequently works with men who are dealing with some combination of age-related and prostate cancer treatment related erectile dysfunction. In order to improve their quality of life, he designed XYVGGR, our sexual health formula, to boost both nitric oxide levels and anti-oxidant levels.

Why both? Because nitric oxide effectively dilates your blood vessels, and free radicals decrease your available nitric oxide levels. XYVGGR delivers anti-oxidants needed to combat and reduce these free radicals while simultaneously boosting your nitric oxide levels which dilate your blood vessels to give your penis the flow it needs to achieve and maintain a healthy erection.

In other words, rather than paving over the problem, XYVGGR is designed to directly address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. Strong enough for men dealing with the complications of prostate cancer treatment, imagine what it can do for men looking for a solution to age-related erectile dysfunction, men who are simply seeking to turn back the clock reclaim this important aspect of living a fully engaged life. 

And at less than $2 per day, if Carlos only knew ...


The Takeaway 

Be smart, put in some effort, and find out what works best for you. Try these healthy lifestyle and natural supplementation recommendations to address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. No side effects or bathtubs by a lake involved. You owe it to yourself, and to your partner. Take action. You’ll both be glad you did. 


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