Reducing Inflammation — Why? How?

What is inflammation?

We are not concerned with normal inflammation, which is how your body responds to injury or infection. If not for this healthy defensive response, we would not survive. Instead we are concerned with abnormal inflammation. Abnormal inflammation is referred to as chronic inflammation, which instead of helping your body to heal actually causes damage to your body and your immune system.

What causes inflammation?

There are plenty of causes for inflammation, including:

  1. Infection, including viruses and bacterial
  2. Physical trauma, including surgery and radiation
  3. Allergies, both airborne and food-based
  4. Food tainted with herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides
  5. Smoking
  6. Sugar
  7. Free radicals

Once again, we are concerned with the chronic inflammation that is actually causing damage to your body and your immune system. Each of the above are known to contribute to chronic inflammation.

Why are prostate cancer patients particularly vulnerable?

As a prostate cancer patient, your immune system already "has its hands full" fighting aberrant cell growth. Chronic inflammation is further taxing your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to illness and to the further progression of cancer.  

Knowing this, let's now discuss what you can start doing right now to reduce the chronic inflammation already in your body.

What behaviors will help me reduce inflammation?

Make smart choices. For example, here are 4 things you can start doing right now:

  1. Stop eating crap. Processed foods contain additives that you would never choose to eat on their own. Conventional foods contain some level of pesticides. And so on. 
  2. Start eating smartly.Fresh, organic foods that are thoughtfully prepared. As an experiment, for the next week,eliminate all sugar, dairy and wheat from you diet, and see how you feel. 
  3. Think before you drink.Invest in a good water filter, and drink plenty of clean water. Do your best to avoid drinking anything that includes sugar. That said, enjoy a nice glass of red wine when you can. 
  4. Don't inhale.The only thing worse than second-hand smoke is first-hand smoke.

What supplements might I want to consider?

Certain supplements are formulated reduce the chronic inflammation already in your body.* As always, contact Dr. Geo or your health care specialist for specific recommendations, but for example, here are 3 smart choices that you may want to consider adding to your daily regimen:

Inflammatone is a blend of natural anti-inflammatory compounds, including turmeric, quercetin, and ginger.*

Advanced Prostate Support includes a variety of anti-oxidants and natural anti-inflammatory compounds, such as green tea extract, curcumin, DIM, resveratrol, clove, rosemary, and medicinal mushrooms.*

OmegAvail Ultra combines the highest quality, anti-inflammatory fish oil with vitamins D, K1 and K2.*

The Takeaway

Chronic inflammation poses a material risk to your health and to your ability to combat disease. You can reduce your exposure to inflammatory agents by making smart dietary and lifestyle choices. You can also reduce the inflammation already present in your body by adding one or more supplements formulated to do just that.* It comes down to making smart choices and to committing yourself to doing what is necessary. You can do this! Let us know how we can help.

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