Reclaiming My Health — A Member Tells His Story

Stephen has been an XY Wellness Member since early 2012, and like all of our Members, he has gained considerable insights as he works to reclaim, rebuild, and renew his post-diagnosis health. 

Today, we thank him for sharing his story with us, and welcome him as our first guest blogger.

"I feel very lucky to have Dr. Geo and XY Wellness on my side. In 2006, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the age of 42. My gleason score was a 6. My dad also had prostate cancer, and he had the prostate surgically removed with seriously negative consequences, so I searched out alternatives and settled on an initial plan of active surveillance.


In the six years that have passed, I have made some changes to my lifestyle. In short, I followed Dr. Geo’s Plan: I make sure I get a good night’s sleep, I exercise regularly, eat a diet that is mostly vegetarian, drink green juice as often as I can and take the supplements Dr. Geo recommends. I also limit my consumption of sugar and bread. Lastly, I try to meditate when I can.


I am virtually certain the XY Wellness supplements have a real benefit. Initially, my PSA dropped from 3.4 to 1.8 over the first year. Then, it stayed in the low 2’s for years. After many years of supplementation, I began to “fall off the wagon” last year. Part of it was that I could not tell if I was benefitting and part of it was the expense of the supplements. My PSA rose to 3.4 in the fall and then to 4.4 in April. At that point, I was alarmed, and made an appointment with Dr. Geo to review my health plan. I began strict adherence to the supplements. By August, my PSA dropped to 3.3, and in November it had dropped to 2.3. Other than the supplementation, I had made no other changes, so I feel quite sure that these supplements do really go right to work.


The only other thing that I can say may have contributed to my downward PSA trend was that I changed my exercise regimen about the same time. I began to exercise 4 days a week, adding 2 days of spin classes to my usual 2 days of weights. I was exercising 4 days a week in April and still do today, and perhaps there is some cumulative effect of aerobic exercise in terms of increasing the body’s oxygen carrying capacity.


As for diet, I will say that I am not strict. I try to limit my portion size of meat. With meat and bread, I try to keep in mind that if it’s really good bread or the “best burger in town” I indulge. Otherwise, I steer clear. So I eat less of it, but higher quality. I avoid cheese and dairy. I have switched to unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I love ice cream and I let myself have some maybe once a week, but have only one scoop.


As for alcohol, I have more or less given up beer. I drink one to two glasses of red wine a few days a week. I also occasionally enjoy a margarita which can be termed “coin style” or “flat”. Its just tequila and lime juice - no sweet and sour mix.

All in all, I view my cancer as my “health opportunity” because as a whole, I believe I will be a much healthier person in the long run because of it.  I believe Dr. Geo gives unparalleled advice and care for Prostate Cancer patients. I highly recommend him and XY Wellness.


Best to All,



Thank you, Stephen. Your story shows that if you are willing to follow the path, you will improve your odds. You earn your results each and every day by making smart, informed choices that factor in the known benefits, trade-offs, and consequences. This is how life and our program works.

Do you have a story to share that will inform, even inspire, your fellow Members? If so, please send it our way. There is tremendous benefit for both you and all of our Members by doing so. 

All the Best,

David & Dr. Geo 

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